The 12sc System

This is such a comprehensive system that it deserves a blog all its own. Here you will find the links to all the different aspects of the 12sc system that you could possibly ever want to get to know, join, and learn.

Note the sites with *** in front of them. These are the ones you will want to click on to join the 12sc System. 

So, let's begin:

This is the main page to access to join the system, try it out free for 30 days, see what it can do for you and your business and truly evaluate its effectiveness. Should you decide to stay, there are many packages to suit your needs depending on your budget.

12sc with messages
This is a capture page that was set up to help you get started with the 12sc system. Unlike the one above, this one has a few autoresponder messages attached to it that will help walk you through the system in a bit more detail. It might be the better choice of the 2 for signing up to the system.

12sc mall
This is our digital mall site. Here you can access some of the worlds best classified products and services all from one place. It links into click bank and is easily categorized with a search feature to make finding what you need a breeze.

Ultimate License
If you are looking for a giveaway product that you can use to help build your list in any business, then Ultimate License is the one you want, as it also comes with resell rights. While it says prelaunce, this site is live and is working quite well.

This site includes both the UL and 12sc system in one neat site. When you sign up through this link, it automatically gives you the free 30 day access to 12sc. So, of all the sites listed so far, this is the one you want to sign up with.

Ad Network
From the creators of 12sc, this is an ad network through ISORegister. With this system, like other safelist systems, you can read posts, earn credits, and then post your own ads. It comes with an Ad Tracker and URL Rotator. You even get paid on your personal upgrades.

Everyone needs traffic to their site and this is a very affordable way to get it. With this site, as an affiliate, you can sell traffic to others and get paid. It comes from the makers of 12sc as well.You can buy the traffic from here to promote your own 12sc business.

12sc training logs
Ever wish you could go back in time and hear some of the early training calls of the 12sc system. Well, with this site, you can do just that. This is great training from the creator of 12sc. Do not join the system from here, just log in to access the calls.

Know For Profits
Ever wish you had a crystal ball so that you could find out what advertising works and what you should not waste your money on. Anyone that comes to this site pays $12 per month to use it, which is a bargain. However, as a 12sc member, you can have access to this site for free as part of your membership. Check out this site, but don't join directly until you have joined 12sc so that you can also get this for free.

12sc Getting Started Instructions
You will want to bookmark and refer to the page often when you get started. It will help walk you through the system, how to get started, what to set up, and more. It even gives you a daily routine so that you don't have to plan that out yourself.

This is another link to the 12sc system, but comes with some great free advertising options. If you don't sign up with the UL option, then you will want to sign up to 12sc with this option.

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