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I love anything that is free, saves me money, enrolls me in a contest or sweepstakes to win something I want, and is a fun use of my time. Finding ways to be more frugal is a game to me. And I always enjoy playing this game. Snagging a great deal is a euphoric rush and beyond that I love sharing what I know, find, and use with others. So, I hope you enjoy the sites listed on here and are able to use them to your advantage. If you are a freebie junkie, coupon hound, and/or sweepstakes lover, then this site is for you!

This site is PACKED with daily deals, freebies, coupon round ups, sweepstake contests, and the latest and greatest offers that you will find online. It is constantly being updated. If you subscribe to their RSS feed, you will receive a daily email of what has been added the last 24 hours. Also, 2 email subscribers names are drawn each week to win a $50 cash prize. The site is interactive where you can post comments and even update the community on some of the great deals that you have personally found online or offline.


One of the things I like the best about this site is their coupon deals. There are a lot of sites out there that offer printable coupons, but none of them pay you on top of redeeming your coupons. This site does and they offer the same coupons you can find on those other sites. Every time you redeem one of your printable coupons from here, you earn $0.10 each. If you are going to print coupons from any online source, go here and get more for your dollar.

Better Homes and Gardens
You've probably heard of this magazine. But, did you know that they have ongoing sweepstakes and a daily contest giveaway? You don't have to subscribe to the magazine to enjoy the online deals. Get registered online and come back daily to enter the sweeps.

American Family Sweeps
They have sweepstakes entry, daily entry for prizes, coupons and more. Once registered, it's easy to login and enter the contests.

Birthday Freebies
Your birthday is your special day. Want to make it even more special? Check out these freebies deals you can get on your birthday.

Eating out can be expensive. Eating out with kids in tow can be downright costly. Check out these deals and find places that either offer free kids meals or reduced price kids meals.

If you know of any other sites, sweeps, freebies or more that would be good to add to this blog, please let me know.

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