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Ways to market and advertise your business - FREE and/or LOW COST!

There are so many different ways to market and advertise your business online. In most cases, you are either going to have to spend money or spend time and do it on a consistent basis. A good advertising campaign needs at least 3- 4 months to take notice.

I have listed some of my favorite methods here that have been tested and scrutinized for months, and in some cases, years. Some of these methods include solo ads, safelists, traffic exchanges, link exchanges, and advertising boards.

This is both an online networking community as well as a place to put ads for your business in their many forums. They also have a classified section. They have both free and paid options.

Reality Networkers
What I really like about this site is the wealth of information that can be found in the promotion guide/tools section. They teach you how to refer and that can be used towards any business model. I mostly use the lessons here to apply towards other online ventures.

This is a credit based safelist where you earn credits by viewing other ads. You actually set and forget your own marketing efforts as you earn credits, the system will run your ad for you automatically. You can buy additional credits. There is an option to post your articles for free as well.

This double optin safelist system has been online for over 9 years now and going strong. Free members can post once every 7 days. Paid members have a lot more options. They even pay free members who make referrals. This safelist is not only going to be around for a long time, but it's one of the best out there.

As a free member of this site, you can post your ad to 50 people once per week. This is targeted email advertising with optin leads. There are also various inexpensive upgrade options for those interested. Each time you refer someone else to the site, you will earn a commission as well as your own $1 commission for becoming an affiliate with a verified link.

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